Industries We Serve

Applications of Neptune Polymers PP woven bags/PP woven fabric in Different Industries

From agriculture to flood control, we have been delivering HDPE/PP woven bags to every industry. From enhancing product delivery to encouraging employee safety, Neptune Polymers has been improving operations and working functionality via deep industry knowledge and expertise.


Our PP woven bags are greatly used for packing agricultural products such as fertilizers, rice, wheat, fruits, etc.

Geotechnical Products

We also cater to cement industry as PP is largely used in the construction of roads, irrigation projects, buildings, and many others.

Food Packaging

Our products, PP woven bags, are usually seen in supermarkets for packing food materials like rice, flour, pulses, and lentils, etc

Tourism & Transport

We manufacture PP woven fabric which can be used in making tents, sunshades, and various kinds of travel bags. Also, they can be used as screen mesh in construction sites.

Daily Essentials

Our woven bags are commonly used in shopping bags, logistics, and others which we usually find in warehouses, retail shops, etc.

Flood Control Products

Also, our PP woven products are widely used in the construction of dams for controlling detrimental effects of flood water.